What I Love About Mini Bags

For some reason everything is cuter when it’s mini. Tiny puppies, mini coke bottles, sample size perfumes… so it’s no surprise that the trend for mini bags right now is also v cute. It can be a bit tricky to downsize in the purse department (say goodbye to all of your non-essentials), but sometimes it’s pretty worth it if you can carry that little cutie with you all day.

What I love about about mini bags is they come in some pretty crazy patterns and colors (but are more acceptable than crazy-patterned big totes), so you can safely play around with something different than your norm. There are also some more minimal looks, like my Furla bag, for when you want the extra statement without too much attention.

But the best part is how light and amazing it feels to walk around, hands free, with no extra weight on your shoulders. Sometimes it’s best to just take what’s essential, and maybe mini bags are the perfect excuse!


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