Ultimate Shopping Guide For Fashion Month

February is only a few days away (wait… it’s tomorrow?!), and I’m about the enter the busiest fashion month I’ve ever had! I’m going to all four fashion weeks – New York, London, Milan and Paris, so I have some major prep and packing ahead of me! Hopefully I can handle the time zone changes and fit in all the photo ops I’m dreaming of <3

As I’ve been thinking about Fashion Month, I’ve obviously been trying to decide what to wear and doing a lot of online browsing. I still have some last-minute decisions to make, but in the mean time, I decided to share some of them items I’ve been looking at! I’ve gone through most of my favorite stores and brands and picked out an ultimate shopping guide for fashion month and top picks in stores this February. While there are so many cute new spring styles popping into stores, I will be in pretty cold temps until the beginning of March.

Feel free to shop them yourself, and maybe we’ll have some matching looks over the next month!

What looks are you excited to see this season?





My favorite photo from last season in Paris – so excited to meet up with some other blogger ladies I don’t get to see in LA!

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