Where To Buy Fun Shaped Pool Floats

Pool floats are such a cute trend right now for summer. There are so many shapes and sizes and colors to choose from (because who doesn’t want to float all day on a giant ice cream sandwich?!). Of course, the swan is a go-to (and actually the tall neck is really nice for lounging), but I’m also pretty impressed with the glowing floats from Urban Outfitters too. I’ve seen a few other cool places to buy pool floats: BandoFunboyCotton On and Urban Outfitters.

This cute swan I’m on is a Gray Malin x Funboy collaboration project. I’ve always loved the beach photos that Gray Malin is so well-known for so this swan definitely wins the award for best float of the summer in my book.

These photos were taken over the weekend with my family in Temecula. Now that’s it’s Wednesday morning I’m wishing I could go back to those weekend vibes and enjoy a nice glass of Rosé by the pool! #takemeback

White swan pool float | www.TakeAim.nu

Pink Donut Pool Float | www.TakeAim.nu
Glass of Rosé and Swan Floatie | www.TakeAim.nu
Poolside relaxing with pool floats | www.TakeAim.nu
Pattern Swan Pool Float | www.TakeAim.nu
Giant Swan Pool Floatie | www.TakeAim.nu
Funboy Patterned Swan Pool Float | www.TakeAim.nu
Heart shaped pool float | www.TakeAim.nu

Swan Pool Float and Rosé | www.TakeAim.nu