Why Etienne Aigner Is Winning At Leather Bags

The only bad part about fall is that awkward in between when it’s too hot for layers during the day, but super chilly in the evening, so you have to carry a jacket all day until you need it. And you all know what that means – big bags. I did a post a while back about mini bags and how they’re super cute for a couple of essentials, but sometimes a big tote is really what you need, especially in the fall.

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I think what makes or breaks a bag tends to be the material it’s made out of, which is why I really love my new Etienne Aigner bag. I’m a big fan of soft leather, partially for the texture and partially for the look, and Etienne Aigner got it just right. I also look for good neutrals in my bags so that they go with everything, and I love how soft and unique the really warm greys are. I can fit pretty much everything in this one bag and still make a statement. Etienne Aigner is such a timeless and classy brand and I love the femininity of my new pleated blouse and chocolate brown heels from them as well.

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Leather Gray Tote Bag

Plus, how cute is that little pom pom hanging on the side?


Etienne Aigner Bag | Etienne Aigner Top

Etienne Aigner Shoes

H&M Skirt | Elizabeth and James Sunglasses

Gray Tote Bag with Pom Pom
H&M White Skirt, White Turtleneck
Mary Jane Suede Heels
Take Aim x Etienne Aigner
Why Etienne Aigner is Winning at Leather Bags
Etienne Aigner Pom Pom Bag