Wide Leg Pants

Blogger style in Reiss coat

Wide leg pants that float just about the ankle – cool? Yes.

Do you guys remember when “flooding” your pants was so uncool in elementary school? I recall the dread of being stuck wearing those jeans that shrunk in the wash and were just a tad too short to be acceptable. If you were like me and grew up watching ‘Family Matters’, Steve Urkel still comes to mind.

Thankfully times have changed. What do you guys think of them?

Not to sound like a broken record, but I’m learning a lot about flow lately. More specifically, finding a balance between planning and letting go of control in order to enjoy life better.

Lately, I’ve been stressed and getting a little down on myself because of not keeping up with the pace I want to be moving at. Last night my good friend Lisa told me to just let go. In short, she said that It’s OK if you don’t work out everyday, eat healthy everyday, get a blog post up everyday, and, anyway, what’s the point if you’re too stressed to enjoy the things you’re doing all the planning for?

So, I ended the day giving myself the grace to not complete much of what I had hoped to do. Instead, I spent the evening  snacking on chocolate, watching a little Netflix and relaxing. It’s kinda of silly, but I woke up today feeling more refreshed than I have been in weeks. If there’s an answer here, maybe it’s lowering some of my daily expectations, or seeking out help in the areas that I spend most of my time. Through it all, though, I’m seeing how life isn’t so much a solution to work toward, but a steady work in progress that involves a lot of needing to go with the flow. Do you guys struggle with with the balance too?


White & Warren Sweater | Citizens of Humanity Pants | Reiss Coat

French Connection Shoes (in leopard) | Flynn Bag | The Horse Watch

perfect cashmere sweater
Flynn mini tote, wide leg pants, tassel loafers
Classic style, wide leg pants,
Wide leg pants and tassel loafers
LA style blog TAKE AIM by Michelle Madsen
White & Warren cashmere sweater, Citizens of Humanity Corduroy pants

Photos by Lisa Dengler of Just Another